Questions, Questions!  Here's a few we hear frequently: 


 How long will the repair take and how much will it cost? 

This is generally the first question a customer has regarding their vehicle - and we understand as money & time are two things we never have enough of.  Because every repair is different, it will depend on how extensive the work to get it safely back on the road. However, be assured our goal is to return your car to you as soon as possible.  The best way to know the cost and length of time required is to have the vehicle disassembled so a complete estimate can be put together.


Can you waive my deductible?

There is so much misinformation out there on this question!  By definition, a deductible is the first portion of a repair paid by the insured before an insurance company will issue the remaining payment for the repair. As a result, the insurance company is the only entity authorized to waive your deductible. Commonly if a repair facility states they "waive a deductible", they are leaving something out of the estimate and not informing the customer. This allows them to secretly make up for the amount they "covered".  


What determines if my car is considered a "Total Loss" ? 
Strict regulations govern the amount an insurance company may invest in repairing a vehicle after a loss. It is not the shop's decision as to whether a vehicle is a total loss. 


Do I have to use a certain repair facility?

No, you have a choice where to take your vehicle.  We work with all insurance companies and have direct repair relationships with many of them. 


Why is your estimate higher than the "other guys"? 

Many factors go into the estimate provided by a shop including the thoroughness of the estimate and the quality of the paint, parts & materials  quoted.  Some shops offer a low estimate by cutting corners (not fixing what you cannot see), using cheap imitation parts, lower quality paint or "forgetting" to notice a repair required until after your car is already disassembled in their shop.  Our shop strives to write thorough estimates using industry leading estimating systems.  We only utilize high-quality paint by Axalta (an industry leader) and parts & materials from reputable manufacturers.  We are always honest on what type of parts will be used to repair your car and we don't cut corners. You wouldn't choose a heart surgeon based on who is the cheapest! Maybe the "cheap choice" isn't always the "right choice" for your vehicle!   


Will the paint match? 
Yes! We employ a state-of-the-art paint mixing system that ensures color match on all vehicle finishes. 


What if the frame is damaged?  Will my car drive and perform as it used to?
Yes! Our skilled technicians use a high-tech Car-o-Liner frame rack specifically designed to restore your car's structural integrity to within 1mm of factory specifications. 1mm!!  Shops without frame racks are left pulling and yanking on your vehicle's frame until it seems "about right".  


What if I have problems after I get my car back? 
All of the repairs performed by our shop are guaranteed for as long as you own that vehicle.  Of course things such as abuse, subsequent damage or normal wear and tear are not covered, but we want you to be satisfied with all repairs.


Do I need an appointment?  
No!  Bring your car down any time during business hours and we'll be happy to assist you promptly.  If you can't make it during regular business hours due to your schedule, call us and we'll gladly set up a weekend or evening appointment.  


Do you repair aluminum vehicles likes the new Ford F-150? 
Absolutely!  To avoid galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals, repairing aluminum require a shop to have space and tools dedicated to aluminum repair only!  Many shops have not been able to comply with these new requirements.   Our new shop has both a dedicated "aluminum room" and the required dedicated equipment. 



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